Private medical dermatology clinic

Who are we?

Our mission: to provide access to quality medicine while being attentive to the needs of each patient.

An eco-responsible clinic

Our clinic is committed to limiting its ecological footprint. Several strategies are put forward to recycle, limit waste and reduce energy expenditure. Here are some strategies put forward by our company:

  • Prioritize local suppliers
  • Limit paper printing by favoring electronic transmissions
  • Avoid single-use equipment and favor sterilizable equipment
  • Use washable gowns and slippers
  • Recycle and recover what is returnable
  • Use energy efficient equipment

A united team

In order to provide quality care, you first and foremost need a good team! Each member is important and plays a key role. Together, we combine our efforts to offer you quality medicine and an individualized approach.

To pigment its walls

HumaDerme is proud to partner with a local painter !

Painter from Quebec City, Nicolas Audet masters colors and textures in a contemporary style that dazzles!